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[Elesis’s Arch Devil Ice Burner reviews]

Why is Elesis’s Arch Devil more awesome than other characters…?


Kirby’s Adventure series, 2012 - each is 5x7”, cut paper.

Tonight is Bottleneck Gallery’s opening for 8 Bit and Beyond 2, curated by Chogrin Munoz! I’ve been swamped with work but they let me send in the two remaining pieces I did from a Kirby’s Adventure series couple years ago. This is the full set of nine (seven of which have already gone to good homes), but Throw and Freeze will be available for sale starting tonight!

If you’re in NY and looking for something fun to do, check out Bottleneck tonight at 7 for the art show, and head to Videology afterwards to see a special screening of The Wizard (more info here)!

And either way, go check out Kirby’s Adventure again - the art in that game needs to be studied intensely to be believed. It’s incredible!


Pic of the day for August 8th! Is this…a STAGE?!

- Eh…

"If anything happens to sensei, I'll press the nasu!"
"If anything happens to sensei, I'll press the nasu!"